"Welcome to my Clinic" Automation


"Welcome to my Clinic" Automation


A friend has just knocked on your door, what do you do? You make them feel WELCOME and invite them inside. But what about a new client, they've just booked a session with you. Do you instantly make them feel welcome? Besides providing them with an amazing consultation, what comes before that to make them feel special? A gorgeous 'Welcome to my business' sequence, that's what!


Welcome your new clients with big, warm and welcome arms with a personalised automation sequence. You take the bookings and let your tailored welcome service take care of the rest.


An investment of $149 will give you:

  • Setup on MailChimp, an email marketing platform.
  • Connection made between Mailchimp and your booking system
  • A customised electronic 'New Patient Form' so you can collect their details before the session
  • A branded email header for your emails
  • A beautifully tailored 'Welcome to my clinic' email
  • Complete setup of your email automation so your new clients always receive the royal treatment.
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