You're brimming with ideas, inspiration and enthusiasm following the Paediatric Private Practice Conference. We want to help you to bring your ideas to fruition and take the stress out of running your private practice. We get asked a LOT about how we can help. Explore our solutions below and reach out to ask any questions that come up.

Our Specialties


What's your private Practice Pain?

Need an Extra pair of Hands? 

Our Practice Management Package gives you the freedom to:

  • Focus more on your clients.
  • Stop working until 2am
  • Get to school pickup
  • Take a spontaneous day off without the guilt

What's Included? 

  • A full-time, experienced Australian team working for your practice
  • All of your incoming calls answered and appointments managed
  • Monthly Catch-up Meeting
  • A Quarterly Strategy Call
  • A Kick-Off call to discuss
  • Complete management of your once-off, and recurring business admin tasks.
    • The types of tasks we undertake vary based on the client, but common tasks include:
      • Raising NDIS Service Bookings
      • Invoicing (Private, NDIS Portal, NDIS Agency, HWCA, NDIS Self-managed)
      • Payment Reconciliation in your Practice Management Software and Bookkeeping System
      • New Client Intake (Sending New Client Documentation, following up referrals, data entry)
      • Electronic Data Entry (Forms, client communication, client files etc)
      • Overdue Account Management (Following up late-payers)
      • Creating and sending newsletters to your clients
      • Planning, creating and scheduling Social Media Content
      • Inbox Management (Reading, responding to, flagging and filing emails)
      • Documenting business systems (producing Standard Operating Procedures) 
      • Website Updates (Publishing blogs, updating content)

For Paediatric Private Practice Conference Attendees, we are offering 5% off our most popular packages.


  • Full-time Administration Team
  • 170 Call Quota per month (incoming/outgoing calls)
  • 30-min Zoom call per month - Tasks Update
  • 60-min Strategy call per quarter
  • 10 hours of Administration Hours per month

$885 per month (includes PPPVC discount)


  • Full-time Administration Team
  • Unlimited Call Quota per month (incoming/outgoing calls)
  • 30-min Zoom call per month - Tasks Update
  • 75-min Strategy call per quarter
  • 20 hours of Administration Hours per month

$1550 per month (includes PPPVC discount)



Not Ready for admin support but desperately seek more structure?

Let us set up your business systems. Business systems drive the growth of your business. Practice management systems are a great place to start. A good practice management system that is configured correctly will save you lots of time and keep you organised.


Our cliniko configuration package includes:

  • A 30 minute systems consult
  • Configuration of your business settings
  • Appointment types and billable items mapped
  • Business templates set up
  • Transfer of your client list
  • Integration with your website and Facebook
  • 45 minute Zoom call to get acquainted with your system
  • 30 days of email support post-implementation
  • 30 days free Cliniko subscription


With your PPVC discount, your turnkey practice management system is $855, once-off setup


We're passionate about making your life stress-free, less over-whelming and more enjoyable. Want to ask us some questions before getting started? Reach out below.