virtual reception faqS

+ Where are your receptionists located?

Our team are based on the Gold Coast, QLD and in Melbourne, Victoria . You can meet our Receptionists on the Meet our Team page.

+ Do you offer Telemarketing?

Sorry! The only outbound calls we make is to confirm appointments or return calls.

+ How long does it take to get started?

After our 'Get to Know You' call, it takes approximately 5 business days to set up the system. After that, you're ready to go!

+ Are there any setup fees?

There are no setup fees.

+ What happens to my calls after-hours?

Your after-hours calls are in safe hands! A personalised Voicemail message greets your after-hours callers. Once the caller leaves the message, a recording is emailed to your Receptionist, who actions it every weekday morning.

+ What hours do you operate?

Currently, we operate between 8am and 5pm AEST. We understand that some clients benefit with their phones answered outside these hours, which we may be able to accommodate upon discussion of your needs.

+ Am I locked into a Contract with you?

Goodness no! We do enter into a Service Agreement together, and out of courtesy, we request 7 days notice that you wish to leave the service, and that your account has been paid in full.

+ It all sounds great, but what's the price?

Our Packages start from $97 per week, or you can sign up to our Pay As You Go Package from $30 per month.

administration / practice management faqs

+ What kinds of tasks can I assign to you?

Anything you would expect a standard Practice Manager to do. Think data entry to scheduling appointments, managing incoming client and third-party inquiries, invoicing and reconciling your accounts, following up unpaid accounts, social media management, email management, phone answering, creating and sending regular newsletters, assisting with onboarding new clients (ensuring correct forms are completed, the right info is in place etc), typing up reports, typing up treatment notes, typing and sending letters, managing waitlists and personal diary management.

+ how do I assign tasks to you?

We use a project management tool called Asana. You can lodge your tasks directly in there, then track our progress at a glance.

+ I am time poor, and the thought of training someone daunts me. Will I need to train you?

Our team are positioned to support the allied health industry, which means we are well versed on the terminoloy and common administrative tasks and processes. Our team are also highly self-driven, and can often complete tasks with little guidance from you. Of course, there will be times we need to communicate regarding your specific processes to ensure we are meeting your expectations.

+ How much can i expect to pay?

Depending on the services you request us to do, you can engage us on retainers (prepurchased amounts of hours), or via a tailored package.