Building up your clinic without the right systems in place can be a frustrating if not impossible task. For those that put off using a formal Practice Management system because of the overwhelm or the belief you are 'not established enough', I am so glad you have found yourself here on this page, because your world is about to be opened to some awesome possibilities.

In this Webinar, we explore the Cliniko Practice Management System, specifically we:

  • Get acquainted with the Dashboard and main tabs of the system;
  • Explore the Settings Area, and demonstate how a little work in the beginning can make your clinic a lean-mean operating machine;
  • Play with the main features: making appointments, creating invoices, applying payments and running reports;
  • Author letters and treatment notes with very little effort;

I hope you enjoy the webinar.



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Karina has not only streamlined my service but improved my business’s overall efficiency and productivity. She is a invaluable asset to my business and I highly recommend her service.
— Alissa - Lissome Physiotherapy & Technique Studios
Cannot rate Karina highly enough.
— Neil B
I was finding it hard to grow my massage business as I am usually in a treatment when the phone rings. Karina has solved my problems!
— Katharine - Earth Therapies