Every client is different, and we aim to tailor our services for every one we work with. Below are four case studies from real clients of Pro-Assist to help give you an idea of how Pro-Assist can positively impact your business.

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Casestudy 1: You’re starting out on your own AND need the support to decide and create your ideal practice.

Amanda is a Psychologist in Cairns. Amanda decided to leave her current employer to branch out and open her own practice. Like many of her colleagues taking this plunge, Amanda found it confusing to navigate the implementation of a practice management system and practice processes.

Pro-Assist’s Virtual Clinic Architect solution helped Amanda to navigate the overwhelming task of selecting the right system for her practice. During a phone consult, our Virtual Practice Architect listened to how Amanda wanted to run her practice, and the processes and features she would need from a Practice Management System.

After recommending the most suitable product for her, Pro-Assist configured their new ‘Coreplus’ system – everything from importing her client lists to configuring her billable items and connecting Medicare. Pro-Assist are always available to help Amanda navigate the system if she gets stuck.

Amanda needed:

  • A Virtual Practice Blueprint consultation
  • Coreplus system set up and configuration

Total project cost: $999


Casestudy 2: You spend your free-time returning calls

Katharine is a successful massage therapist on the Gold Coast. Katharine pours all her love and energy into her massages and has a diary that is booked out weeks in advance.

Katharine will usually take up to 6 massage clients per day, some sessions going for 90 to 120 minutes. During this time, new and existing clients are calling to make, change and cancel appointments (and also sending text messages!). When Katharine finishes her schedule for the day, she then returns the 10-15 missed calls and multiple SMS. Some new prospects had made appointments elsewhere, and people had cancelled her first appointments of the next day

Our Virtual Receptionist service allows Katharine to focus on what she does best, ensuring that all clients are greeted with a friendly voice and their appointments are managed to ensure Katharine doesn't lose out on revenue potential.

Katharine needed:

  • A full-time Receptionist, answering her calls Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm
  • All of her appointments managed into her diary
  • General Queries such as requests for Gift Vouchers and questions about her service handled with efficiency and care
  • All of her SMS messages responded to efficiently.

Total cost per week: $260

* Assumes 50 calls and 50 SMS responses per week.

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Tim is a successful Chiropractor with 6 practitioners working in his practice. He has the means to employ a receptionist, but feels there is a better and more cost-effective way.

Our Virtual Receptionist Service allows Tim to reduce his overheads without compromising on service quality. Pro-Assist answers his calls and manages his diary exactly as an in-house receptionist would, but for at least half the price of an in-house receptionist.

Tim needed:

  • A full-time Receptionist, answering calls Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm.
  • All appointments managed in the diary
  • A full report every fortnight with details of all call activity

Total cost per week: $265

* Assumes 15 calls per day

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Vee is an experienced Speech Pathologist from Victoria and enjoys working with her paediatric caseload. Vee has run her own private practice for many years, but in the last few years has felt the strain of managing a clinical caseload with the ever-demanding admin requirements of running a business. Vee found herself struggling as she always put her client needs first, and felt uncomfortable creating structure in her business.

Vee needed:

  • A full-time Receptionist, answering her calls Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm to make her clients feel welcome and appreciated.
  • A Practice Manager to oversee her business operations and to create structure in her business.
  • An administrator to handle the admin requirements of her business, such as electronic filing, invoicing and debt collection.

Total cost per week: $450