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Spring Clean Your Clinic


Spring is here, and it’s both my favourite and hardest season to get through. Why? Well I adore the weather, but I have allergies to pollen so… you get the idea.

The colder months can be hard for clinics to navigate. Often clientele goes into hibernation, appointment numbers are down and morale can dip. But with the warmth comes new promise and an opportunity to dust away any cobwebs and get the clinic ready for the warm weather and swarm of clients.

Whilst everyone is getting back into the swing of singlets and integrating back into society, there are a couple of things you can focus on to be ready for when those clients walk through your door again.

Set some Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your Clinic

Yuck! how corporate does that sound? I admit, it’s not the most joyful thing to work on, but setting up some targets and expectations for how your Clinic should be performing can give you and your team (if you have one) something to actually work towards.

  • Do you want to see 25 new clients a month?
  • Do you want to increase your revenue by 10% month on month?
  • Do you want to reduce the Did Not Arrives (DNAs) and Cancellation rates?

Put some numbers on paper, on a vision board or in a suave program like Cliniq Apps and start tracking it! Use the trends to focus your marketing efforts.

Take Stock of the Admin you’re wasting your time on

Just like stocktake for products, you should also take time to do a stocktake on your efforts. If you’re spending 30 minutes a day raising invoices, and that makes you unhappy, make a note to outsource it to someone.

If you’re constantly returning phone calls because you can’t answer them during client sessions and that drives you bananas because most times, you find out you’ve lost money, then outsource it.

Yes, you could think of it as a cost, but let’s think about the future, and growth and what you can do today to invest in your own happiness and the smooth operation of your clinic.

Review your subscriptions – cancel most of them

A $5 per month subscription here and a $9.99 subscription to that other program can eat away at your profits. I liken these subscriptions to the lucrative deals gyms make. You go in there with the best intentions of making improvements and changes, but you end up living life and soon its 2 years later and you’re scratching your head wondering what is this subscription to ClinicABCs that keeps taking $12.99 from your account every month.

Make your life easier

For the clinics out there still managing their business on paper, I both shake my head and applaud you. You’ve got grit to stick in there and do the work (applauds), but you’re missing out on so many opportunities to make your life easier and spend more time doing what you want to do.

Systems don’t take away your freedom, they help to keep you and your clinic on track. Yes, systems sound scary and they certainly don’t sound like fun BUT getting paid, reducing time on managing your diary and getting beautiful reports that show you how much money you are making IS fun, so take the time to look at your options.

If you’re already using a Practice Management system review the setup.

  • Are your templates still current?
  • Is your team accurately reflecting the times they are available?
  • Is your invoicing up to date?

Don’t make spring cleaning just about the boring stuff like sweeping cobwebs, get creative, get brave and get ready for that client stream.


5 Things to do in the Next Hour to Keep Your Customers Smiling

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Choice Australia recently published a study on Businesses that are hard to contact. They found that customer dissatisfaction rates rose when their calls went unanswered and their calls and emails weren’t returned.

As a small business, marketing for your business is sometimes not all that affordable, so when you manage to attract a client, you want to put your best foot forward and make them fall in love with your business. Let's explore 5 effortless ideas to not only make your business easy to contact, but to make sure your customers feel good about their interaction with your business as well (and you can implement these ideas in under an hour!)

1. Make sure every call is answered

As a small business owner, you may be acting as the Receptionist as well. Whilst in your start-up phase, it might not be such a terrible thing, but as your business gets busier, it is likely you’ll be missing more calls (and losing more business). Every missed call is a lost opportunity, so at the very least you need to make sure your calls are returned in a very efficient time-frame. This can be troublesome if you run a clinic and you’re always in consultations, so an easy and cost-effective option is to engage a Virtual Receptionist.

Your Virtual Receptionist is the voice of your business and answers every call, makes bookings, manages your diary, takes messages, rebooks cancellations and provides a positive experience for your customer. Check out Pro-Assists Virtual Reception Packages.

2. Have amazing form

Embedding a contact form onto your website is one thing, but to give your customers an amazing experience, there are some small initiatives you can take to take it up a notch.

  • When your customer submits the contact form, display a message acknowledging their contact. Give them a timeframe they can expect to hear back from you.
  • Remind your customer of the other forms of contact available. Giving them options helps if they are feeling a little lost.
  • This should go unsaid but actually RESPOND in the time frame you promised (or quicker).

3. Don’t play Hide and Go Seek

Games are for kids, so don’t be like those big businesses that make it impossible to find their contact number. Embrace your customers contacting you in their preferred fashion, and publish your contact details loud and proud. Remember, after you’ve hired your Virtual Receptionist, you’ll be able to take all those calls, so go ahead, PUBLISH THAT NUMBER!

4. Get Chatty

More and more people are preferring to contact businesses through instant chat. Keep these customers happy by installing a Website Chat app (We recommend Smartsupp) and promote Facebook Messenger on your Business Facebook Page.

5. Automate your booking process

Consider offering Online Bookings. It is a convenient way for your customers to make time with you. General programs like Acuity Scheduling are perfect for Coaches and more studio/clinic specific programs like Cliniko and Mindbody Online are perfect in supporting online bookings.

That’s it! 5 very easy things you can implement in under an hour to make your business the most contactable and pleasant business to deal with.



4 Facts About Virtual Clinics That Will Annoy Your Competitors

virtual clinic

Running a small wellness business on your own is tough work, and it can seem impossible to ever compete with those super clinics with a never-ending stream of clients, a fancy receptionist, and big budgets, right? In this post, I’m going to show you how you can annoy your competitors by transforming your business into a Virtual Clinic.

Let's get started.

FACT ONE: A Virtual Clinic reduces your overheads

So your competitor has that fancy receptionist, great! And for $42,000 per year the receptionist usually answer the phones, arranges the appointments and keeps the clinic in order; but here’s where your competitor will get annoyed. With a Virtual Clinic, you get the exact same service but you only pay for the time your Receptionist actually works for you. If there are only 10 calls answered this week, that’s all you pay for. There’s no leave entitlements, equipment or standby time you have to pay for.

FACT TWO: Virtual Clinic Receptionists don’t go on holidays

How annoyed would your competitor be to hear that not only do you not pay leave entitlements, but you are never (ever) left without reception coverage? Sick days? Not a problem for you. A patient calls after hours? Your personalised Voicemail system takes your patient’s message and delivers it to your receptionist to take care of.  

FACT THREE: A Virtual Clinic allows you to step away from the front-end of your business

Considering small wellness businesses just like you that have to manage every aspect of their business, transforming your wellness business into a Virtual Clinic means everyday admin tasks are either done automatically or carried out by your Virtual Clinic Receptionist. Appointment reminders are sent on your behalf, monthly newsletters are prepared and sent, emails are read, responded to and filed and phones are answered. Any admin task you dread is done in the background for you.

FACT FOUR: A Virtual Clinic is flexible and without boundaries.

Operating a virtual clinic opens avenues to grow your business and increase your profits. Unlike your competitors that need to offer extended hours and see bulk people to turn a profit, you can offer services online, such as Group Facebook Challenges, Skype Consultations, selling e-books and products online and even allowing your patients to book their appointment online.  

A Virtual Clinic is the best of both worlds

So there you go, 4 brilliant facts about Virtual Clinics that will annoy your competitors and put your wellness business worlds in-front. I am running a Webinar on January 17, 2017 about how to transform your wellness business into a virtual clinic, I’d love to see you there. Follow this link to register: