The day my keyboard died…

It’s safe to say, I make a living with immense help from my computer keyboard. So when my wireless keyboard went flat, and I couldn’t seem to find a single AAA battery in the house; and my emails and To-Do list began to overflow, I started getting frantic. After taking apart all of my son’s battery operated toys to scrape together 2 pre-loved batteries, I was ready to start the day – except I wasn’t, because my internet was down – oh the luck.

Do you ever have those days where, no matter how enthusiastic, ready and willing you are, it seems the world is against you? In my case, I was honestly ready to give up for the day – just take the day off to enjoy my family and the sunny weather. But I didn’t give up, I persisted, and something magical happened. As I was enjoying the delights of my half-empty batteries and Mobile Phone WI-FI Hotspot, I stumbled across an opportunity to grow my business – I pounced on it, typing out an email as fast as I could in case the batteries dropped out. Shortly after – the opportunity was mine, and my business is all the better for it.

They say it’s darkest before the dawn; and I have had a lot of moments where I’ve (almost) been down and out, but something magical followed quickly after. So from me to you, if you being dealt a bad hand, hang in there baby. Something magical is about to happen.

Virtual Assistant; Hang in there baby