Email Marketing: Do you need to do it?

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By Elise

Email marketing presents more opportunities for your business and drives a better return on investment than more traditional marketing techniques. With email marketing, your business can create deeper relationships with a wider audience at a fraction of the cost of traditional media.

The most effective marketing methods focuses on cultivating relationships with your clients so they get to know, like and trust you to become their go-to provider.

Here are 4 reasons WHY you need to be utilising this method of creating, keeping and going above and beyond to satisfy your customers.

1) Return on Investment

One of the most appealing advantages of email marketing is the return on investment. For most small businesses, budgets for marketing are lean. This is why it is essential for a small business to build up connections with their clients through utilising email marketing.

There are no print costs, no postage fees, no advertising rates and according to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing brings in $40 for every $1 spent, outperforming search, display and social marketing. That is one incredible ROI!

Just like any kind of marketing campaign, it does take time. But if you dedicate some attention to it and provide real value for your client and potential clients, it is an incredibly savvy way to increase touch points with your clients and cultivate a deeper relationship so that you can cultivate a loyal following and have referrers for life.

2) Email Marketing is free and highly targeted

One of the biggest benefits of email marketing is that it is FREE and complexly targeted. You can segment lists to target particular clients, to ensure that your audience receives content specifically suited to their needs.

Email marketing makes it simple to customise your message for each individual fostering a higher conversion rate.

3) Email Marketing Increases Brand Awareness

With each email sent, consumers are exposed to your business and your brand. With strategic planning, smart design and targeted content, your business will consistently build value. In doing so, you stay top-of-mind with your audience so when a customer needs your service your business is the first that comes to mind!

4) Email Marketing is Measurable

Analytics are an indispensable insight to measure the success of your content and campaigns.

Most traditional marketing methods are incredibly ambiguous and generally estimate results. With email marketing, you get precise metrics, including delivery rates, open rates and click-through rates to help you gain insight into your customer behaviours and interests.

You can use your campaigns to monitor which information your customers are most responsive to. From there you can further target your marketing strategy towards more successful campaigns and to facilitate sales!