I'll be back! The Importance of Client Recalls

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It's possibly one of Arnold Schwarzenegger's most famous lines "I'll be back". The famous phrase brings smiles to anyone when watching Arnie's movies, but when you hear your client cheerfully use this same line, only to never see them again, it can be pretty disheartening. Client recalls are one of those tasks some would prefer never to do. Often dubbed to be a slimey sales tactic, Client Recalls have got a bad rap, but the truth is, they so shouldn't be slimey! They should feel good for you and your client. 

As an Allied Health professional, or as a business that is closely related to promoting a healthy lifestyle, client recalls are about reminding clients of the importance of keeping up with their treatment plans and continuing their preventative care – but also that you care about them and that they aren’t just another contact in your practice management system.

Keep them coming back right from their first appointment

The objective of a recall is generally to have a client book another appointment with you, but not because you ask them to, but because they understand the need to. It is your responsibility to communicate the benefits of continuing their treatment or preventative care right from their first appointment. If you execute this correctly (and in a way that feels good to you), then the process of actually doing the recalls will be easy!

If you are setting up the plan for your client, then your recalls only really need to:

  • Remind your client of the treatment, procedure or product you recommended to them (If they haven’t already booked/ purchased that service yet, of course!)
  • Show you care about their wellbeing and/or their experience in your clinic by giving them a simple phone call to check-in and see how they are progressing.
  • Follow up to see how they progressed with any homework, resources or products you gave to them, and offer additional support.


If you’re going to do it, do it right!

To recall effectively, you need a plan, discipline and data. If you’re a long-time follower, you’ll know I am a practice management system activist – I love them and I believe they are a vital business system for allied health professionals. If you have a half decent one (read my post on the systems I recommend over here), then your data is already there on a beautiful report. Here's the process to conduct client recalls.

  1. Straight after every appointment of the client’s you want to recall in the future, make a recall note in their profile. Include things they mentioned during their visit (personal and treatment-related).
  2. Contact the client via their preferred method of contact, which might be an SMS, phone call or email.
  3. Use language that demonstrates your reason for getting in contact (that you care etc).
  4. Give them an easy and direct way to make an appointment.

Harnessing the power of your existing client base by recalling them is a powerful and profitable activity and will directly impact your revenue.

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