Creating Pro-Assist

Pro-Assist was founded at Karina's kitchen table with a 3 month old in a rocker at her feet in late 2015. From a young age, Karina always had a business idea in her mind and she would daydream about being her own boss, but she spent the first 9 years of her career working in the mining and construction industries, learning about how to set up and run an efficient office, how to design and implement systems and processes and how to analyse business efficiency.


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Mining and construction seems worlds away from the allied health industry, but surprising parallels were drawn when Karina designed Pro-Assist. A mining/ construction project heavily relies on systems and procedures to meet the project timelines; and an allied health practice needs systems and procedures in place to stay organised, meet industry requirements and scale to meet demand. Having visited many soloist and small practices, Karina started to see a pattern. Phones were unanswered, practitioners looked rushed, paperwork was going everywhere but where it should, and client calls were going unanswered. Traditional alternatives to "doing it on your own" were simply to "hire a staff member", but if a practitioner was mobile or part-time, this wasn't a feasible option. So Pro-Assist was born to give every private practice, no matter if they are brand new or 20 years old, the opportunity to be as well supported as any bricks and mortar private practice with an army of staff on hand.

Putting faces to names

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karina - Founder & Passionate Cook

As Pro-Assist’s Founder, Karina’s true passion and talent lies in helping her allied health clients create innovative practices, and leading her team of virtual receptionists and administrative assistants. Having once studied psychology before life blessed her with a family and her own business, Karina loves that she now helps the industry she has always admired. When she’s not being a busy mum to a cheeky toddler or working in her business, you’ll find Karina passionately cooking up a storm in her kitchen.

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jo - Reception Manager & Energiser Bunny

As Pro-Assist’s head of reception, Jo’s talent lies in making sure our clients are feeling the love and happy that we’re providing the best service. As a true people-person, you’re guaranteed a few laughs and a fun conversation when Jo answers your call. When she’s not being a busy mum to three children or working, you’ll find Jo at the gym smashing out a heavy weights session (she has to keep that phone answering arm in great shape!).


Kaylee Farrell


Alicia Tennie

Alicia - receptionist


Our memberships and Associations

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Need help from our team?

The Pro-Assist team are ready to start working with you. Under the guidance of Karina, each team member is experienced in the niche area of allied health.